• Lexie Roberts

Preparing Your Child For a Photo Shoot

Hey guys!

I felt this post was absolutely necessary to help prepare people who have children for their photoshoot!

Leave any suggestions you might also have in the comments!

Make sure your child is comfortable, just as you should be! If they don't want the bow or tie scrap it!

Make sure they have full tummies! Bring snacks just in case they get hungry.  Bring lots of water!  We live in Florida, water is LIFE and when running around and having fun water will definitely be needed.

For young children nurse/give bottle just before the session.

If your session is later in the evening try to put them down for a nap later than usual to be sure they are nice and happy!

Talk to your kids beforehand about the portrait session. Tell them how much fun they are going to have. Talk about your photographer on a first name basis. "Miss Lexie is so much fun" "you are really going to like her". The more familiar they are with a person the more genuine interaction they will have. 

Let your child smile naturally! Okay…this is a big one!!! Resist the urge to say things like “Don’t smile like that, give me a real smile”.  If you want them to smile say something funny! You know how to get that beautiful smile!   So instead of telling them how they should look, I encourage you to focus on being silly and eliciting genuine emotions from them. You want them to enjoy this time and look forward to doing it again.

Tell them they will get a reward after the portrait session. Promising an ice cream after a session is usually a foolproof way of getting some smiles and happy kiddos!

If you have a small child bring your child's car seat carrier or something for you to put them down in if you would like some couple portraits.

Try to stay as positive as possible. Your kids will definitely pick up on your mood. Have fun! And remember, unless I tell you to look at the camera, enjoy your family! The best portraits are candid portraits when you are laughing and loving and not worried about a "cheese" moment.


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